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12 tips to turn a blogger blog into a pro blog  

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blogger ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

This amounts to setting up the following 12 good practices on your blog: :

Remove toolbar blogger
Customize blogger's design
Add your own domain name instead of blogspot
Add a navigation menu in blogger
Add a search engine in blogger
Add categories of items
Title tag: put the article title before the blogspot title
Add light images and cut your articles
Moderating comments a posteriori
Add sharing buttons at the end of the article
Your articles automatically shared in mailboxes and social networks
A contact form to stay in touch

1-Delete the blogger toolbar

A blogger toolbar is activated by default on each blogspot. I even find that some popular blogs that have bought a domain name have trouble getting rid of it.


If you want to no longer refer to blogger in your blog, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do from the blogger dashboard is click on layout (1) and then edit the NavBar (2).)



You can then click disabled in the NavBar configuration area to delete it.



2-Customize blogger's design

With blogger, you can install many themes and then customize them to your tastes and color from models.


We will be interested here to customize the header of your blog. To do this, go to page layout > header and click Edit.


Several possibilities of personalization of the header are offered by blogger : title display and slogan Only, title and slogan + background image, background image only.


The simplest way to get a good graphic rendering that puts your title and slogan Forward satisfactorily is to import a header image in which you have embedded the text elements in image format.


To do like the excellent blogs of Isa, Slanelle, to eat and to see, you will die less stupid, ZinfosWeb, you must import a header image (some free online editing tools to help you here) and tick the box " substitute title and description ".


3 - Add your own domain name instead of blogspot

You can quite have a blogger blog with your own domain name. Some examples of blogging with their own domain name :


A domain name at OVH or Gandi (in promo) costs less than 10 € / year. I bought the domain for myself blogueur.mobi 2 days ago for € 3.60 (promo at Gandi) to transform jeanviet.blogspot.fr in blogueur.mobi

If you want to develop your blog in the long term and earn income from it, having your own domain name will protect you from your webhost and sustain your business.

So this is my configuration at Gandi. Blogger gives you instructions when manipulating. 2 CNAME to add that point to domains managed by Google (Blogger belongs to Google))



My configuration at Blogger



Add the domain with the www and check the redirect box.


4 - Add a navigation menu horizontal blogger

Blogger allows to add a horizontal menu in the top of your design after your logo and promise thanks to the gadget " Pages »

To add it a first time, go to layout and click Add gadget

Once the pages gadget is added You can set the number of pages and articles / categories to point. Some common sense recommendations related to web ergonomics :

Don't put more than 7 links, beyond you can no longer identify the information
The most important links should be left (the eye reads from left to right)
Here is what I have chosen for my part as important links

This allows you to access my book project in one click and to have a visual feedback that tells me that I am in the right section (blue tab selected).)


5 - Add a search engine in blogger

The internal search engine of a site remains super important in ergonomics. According to Jakob Nielsen's user tests, when it comes to navigating a site, there is still a high proportion of users (+50 %) who think search engine instead of trying to find the right link on your page (25 %).The search engine must therefore be visible from the top of the page as above. To add an internal search engine, go to the sidebar, click Add gadget and select it :

You put then up high like this :

NB: if you did like me a recent domain name change, it will take a few days before Google turns your blogspot URLs into URLs linked to your new domain. It is therefore very likely that the internal search engine will not work immediately (put it off while waiting).

6-add categories of items

Blogger allows you to organize your articles with labels (equivalent categories). Use them, but don't abuse them. Try to keep large max about twenty labels and add 1 to 2 labels for each article before publishing it.

You can then point 2 or 3 important labels in the gadget Pages (horizontal menu), and list all your labels from the gadget labels :

Your readers will be able to enter your articles by Focus from the sidebar of your blog

7 - title Tag : put the article title before the blog title

Here is a very simple optimization to set up that will allow you to save google traffic quite quickly. By default, all the titles of your articles are penalized by the structure of the topics Blogger House.

The title of the article (title tag that sits in Google) is constructed as :

< title>blog Title: article title</title>

If I want to Google myself on the expression " Yahoo Test! Web Player", I rather like that this expression is at the beginning and that at the end they don't even mention the name of my blog when I'm in article mode and more on the home page.

To do this, just replace in the HTML code of your theme blogger this line :


Through these few lines :

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> </b:if>

And you'll get optimized article titles for search engines.


8-add light images and cut your articles

When we have participated in an event, we are often trying to give our readers the best possible photo resolution. Unfortunately, the larger the image, the longer it takes to load.

And even if Blogger resizes in the article our image 1600×1200 in 400×300 it loads the one to 1600×1200 which weighs 310kb !

I strongly recommend that you reduce the size of your photo before downloading it on blogger to the final size of the space reserved on your article and aim for weights < 50kb.

This will be beneficial for everyone: readers, blogger bandwidth, and also for natural SEO (loading time is one of the criteria for good positioning of an article on google).

Also think about when to write your articles to cut them with the expansion marker like this :

This will allow you to have a short version to display on your homepage and in your newsletters, and will avoid internal duplicate content (SEO) which could be harmful to the proper positioning of your content in google.


9-moderation of comments a posteriori

Here is how I settled my comments on Blogger : nested (to stay on the page) and moderated a posteriori (to avoid the frustration of the commentator who has to wait for a validation of the webmaster before seeing himself online) :

If you want to go into more detail, I'll send you back here.


10 - add sharing buttons at the end of article

To share your articles on social media, click Edit in layout > Articles


11-your articles automatically shared in mailboxes and social networks

Very easily, you can add a mail subscription widget to your latest articles

Put it forward in the sidebar just after the search engine so your readers can see it 😉

For the automatic sharing on social networks is not provided natively on blogger (unlike tumblr), I refer you to that article : automatically Share your blog articles on social networks.


12-a contact form to stay reachable

With all these optimizations, you will quickly become an influential blogger who will be asked every day by major brands for product tests.;-)

To add a contact form, you can create a contact page and copy and paste the HTML of a form you created on JotForm.


Check out these great blogs for inspiration

That's all for the tips, to see how it manifests in me is through here :


If you want to find more inspiration in others, I invite you to visit these excellent blogs that have inspired me greatly to formalize these 12 tips :

Packaging UQAM
Eat and to see
Slanelle Style
You'll die less stupid.
Jacques Vandroux
Isa's delicacies
Kleo Beaute
Zinfos Web
Crack Net
Freewares and tutorials

If the 12 bloggers were just passing by, I hope this article will help you fine-tune your blog's final settings. Do not hesitate to add in the comments other tips that pay 😉

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