6 ingenious Blogger...

6 ingenious Blogger Tools that save you a lot of time and make your Blog grow faster  

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You want more.

Reach more people with your articles, your knowledge and your passion. Earn more money with your Blog. Create more in less time.

Tools can help enormously.

Regardless of whether you are a bloody beginner or have been blogging for years.

In this list you will find my personal favorite Tools. Tools behind which I stand 100% and which have become indispensable for me in everyday life.

1. Productivity and Work-Flow
I used to work 60-80 hours a week. In the meantime, I have reduced my working hours to 25-30 hours in order to have more time for my son.

Nevertheless, I manage just as much with half the time. If not more, because I work more organized and concentrated. The following Tools help me:

Focus (Mac, from $ 19)

The many distractions are a big Problem when working as a Blogger.

You may know that:

Just Facebook Facebook post you want to share quickly, but first you meet the distraction monster that calls itself Facebook Newsfeed. And from there the downward spiral begins.

You read a Post, then look at the website and the profile of the corresponding blogger on Instagram. Then start reading other articles from that one. And, if you're an SEO Nerd like me, check out its visibility history, current Rankings, and backlink profile. And zack is around for an hour and forgot the real task.

The Focus Program, with which you can block certain Websites or Apps, provides a remedy. Manually controlled or on schedule. With Hardcore Mode.

The $ 39 I invested in the Tool, I had already got out after a few days.

2.copyclip 2Mac, $7.99)

Like a Browser history, CopyClip saves everything you put to the clipboard.

It is ideal as a Backup for copied texts, entered passwords or other content, which you then do not have to search out a second time and copy again.

Great to write Code, write longer blog articles, internet research, work with tables or bookkeeping.

And for $7,99 an absolute no-Brainer.

3.Picture services
A Blog lives from pictures. In order to save time, it can be useful to use image services instead of taking pictures yourself.

I highly recommend the following services:

Bigstock (from 0,13 € / picture)

Stock photos I refer almost exclusively to Bigstock. It offers a wide range of images at 44 million, but is significantly cheaper than other major services such as Getty Images, Adobe Stock or its parent company, Shutterstock, whose Portfolio it largely matches.

You save a lot with the monthly or annual subscriptions.

Start now!

Pixabay (free)

Pixabay offers a wide range of free photos, illustrations, vector graphics and Videos.

These are under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which allows them to be modified and used for any purpose and also does not require the author to be named.


7. Compress pictures
Your Blog loads very slowly and you lose visitors?

Then this may be partly because you have not compressed your images, which may reduce the file size of images by up to 50%. I use these two Tools:

ImageOptim (Mac, Free)
A small but fine Tool that allows you to quickly and easily compress images on your Mac before uploading them to your Blog.

It is also well suited to compress thousands of image files (e.g. the complete media library of WordPress) at once. However, this requires that you first download all images from your Server and then upload them again.


Posted : February 2, 2020 7:47 pm