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Domain is the name that allows your website  

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What Is Domain ?
Domain is the name that allows your website to be easily accessed on the browser. If the domain name does not exist, we would have to keep IP addresses in mind in order to log into websites on the internet. For example, the ip address you should keep in mind to log into our company's site would be There are too many complex IP addresses in this and similar world.The domain was discovered so that it would be difficult to keep these complex numbers in mind and become more understandable. This way, instead of writing IP to our company's site it is accessible via the domain name.

There are many domain name extensions that are used globally around the world. The most commonly known and used domain names are com, net and org extensions. First on 15 March 1985 <url> is currently the most widely used extension in the world.

In addition to the original domain extensions such as Com, Net, and Org, each country has its own domain extension. The domain name extension of our country is .TR., and domains with extensions like this are domains that belong to our country. Our company does not extension domain. Control of TR extension domains in Metu NIC.TR at his firm.

Posted : February 16, 2020 9:41 pm