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The answer to the question of what is Domain  

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The answer to the question of what is Domain is the most practical definition of the `site name'. This term is unknown, but it is something that all internet users actually use to log in to sites and is not unfamiliar at all. Websites exist on the internet through Domains.

So every site has a name. When a site is requested to be accessed, it is entered by typing the name of the site in the address bar of the search engines. If you know the ip address of a website, you can also log in with it. But it is difficult to memorize ip addresses.

For this reason, sites are given names as an alternative to these ip addresses. In the same way, if you want to set up a web site that belongs to you or your business, you must first purchase a domain name, otherwise known as a domain name.

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This name you give your site can consist of word groups, combinations of letters and numbers. In addition, the "-" sign you can use. But you can't leave a space between words. You can also include Turkish characters in your Site name.

When choosing a name for your site, you should act according to your purpose of creating the website. You must include the keywords that will cover the products, services or content that you will publish on your site in your site name. When users see a keyword for the product they are looking for in this way, they will want to check in to your site.

You should also consider this when choosing an extension. For example, you may prefer .com if you are going to open a site for a commercial organization, .NET if you are going to operate on the internet,. org if you are going to create a site for an association or organization, or .biz if you are going to set up a business-related site .

You can also register your site name with the .tr extension if you are a company operating in Turkey. .if you have a site with an R extension, you are more likely to come out in the top rank in search engines than in local searches. You will be asked to submit a number of documents for this. Click here to see what these documents are.

What Is The Domain Name ?
Domain is the Turkish equivalent of the word. So both are the same thing. Both can be used to refer to the Site name. If you say it as a domain name, you will be addressing people who know Turkish more. But domain is an international term. When you use it in this way, you are also addressing people who speak foreign languages. They might know what you're talking about.

Posted : February 16, 2020 9:41 pm