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Apple Smartphone Sales In China Unexpectedly Increased  

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Apple, despite the war, trade between China and the United States, was able to increase sales of its smartphone here. The company in smartphone sales compared
to the previous year by approximately 19% experienced an increase.

A trade war between China and the US tensions and affected the companies operating in these two countries. On the U.S. front, this trade is one of the
companies who suffered most from the war, undoubtedly one of the world's most popular smartphone manufacturers was Apple.

According to Bloomberg reports, the U.S. technology giant Apple, the world's most populous country, China's iPhone sales in the previous year compared
to %and 18.7%, an increase of experienced. A large country like China in the company for the company to expand its share Sunday is very important.

Increase in phone sales

11 iphone

According to data collected by China Academy of information and communication technology, and 3.18 million smartphone sales figures Apple has managed to
reach approximately. The company, in the month of September and October, the period compared to the same period of the previous year in China and 6% had
experienced growth.

Very important for Apple as China, which is a Sunday we have pointed out above, the company is the second largest market after the United States. Apple,
China smartphone sales slowing in the region was able to increase thanks to the holiday season. Looking at the sales figures it is seen that 11 is the
main trigger for the rise of the iPhone.

The Academy published by the year 2019, a total of 389 million smartphones sales in China that performs shows. 13 million of these devices in total) 5G
phones that support connection. 5g of Apple's devices were expected to suffer a decline in sales due to lack of support many of these assumptions was shown
but not to hold the sales figures.

Apple Announces Photo Contest Night Mode

Apple just like he did last year in the month of January is holding a photo contest this year. The concept of this year's Photo Contest of the photos have
been taken in Night Mode in the iPhone's.

It's a new year and with the New Year, technology companies began to offer innovations to their users. One of these companies of the world of technology
giants of Apple. US-based tech giant, has launched a contest. iPhone 11, 11 Pro Pro 11 users Max iPhone iPhone by Apple, this night mode (Night Mode) are
eligible to participate in the photo contest.

iPhone iPhone Pro models 11 and 11; Camera, Photo, low light, Night Mode feature noticed in the environment which will be drawn automatically when it is
activated. This feature, when activated, the icon turns yellow crescent moon at the top of the screen.

Night Mode Photo Contest

11 iphone night mode

Apple, starting today, will start accepting their participation. Attendance on the day of last, has been identified as 29 January. 5 Photos 10 photos showing
jurors will evaluate the participation and the winner, will be announced on the day of March 4. To participate in the competition you need to be 18 years
or above 18 years of age. Apple employees also cannot participate in this contest.

Apple, in a statement regarding Apple's Photos app and the terms of participation with third-party application or indicated that it does not pose any problem
of editing done with software. But in pictures is made to play any other applications or filters needs to be specified in the comments or in the photo
that was used as subtitles. 11 also iPhone, iPhone, iPhone photos taken with Night Mode Max Pro 11 Pro 11 or after 20 September are also taken into consideration.

The winning photos apple's website, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and by sharing web pages will be announced. Photos; on billboards, in commercials, at Apple
stores or third-party can be sized in photo exhibitions. Apple marketing that will be used in a licensing fee that would be paid to the person who took
the photos explained.

What you need to do to participate in the contest on Twitter and Instagram #iPhone shot #Night Mode in Night Mode Challenge, taken share your photos using
tags. Apple also model iPhone in a photo which was taken with the photo that explained with subtitles that need to be addressed. For high-resolution photos
to [email protected] you can contact through e mail address. The file format of “isim_soyisim_nightmode_iphonemodeli in the form of” supposed to be.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:54 pm