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How can you earn income with Reseller Hosting 2020?  

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The hosting sector in Turkey is growing every day and the number of companies in the sector is increasing. In parallel with the rapid development of internet technologies and internet awareness in our country, also increasing the number of users in the hosting industry Field Service and expanding the pie, increasing the number of people who want to get a share of this cake. At this point, there are various alternatives for people who want to earn income by taking part in the hosting industry.

How can you earn income with Reseller Hosting?
It is of course possible to receive services from companies in the Hosting sector, to offer them to users by customizing the service received and to generate revenue. The Hosting industry has a wide range of service branches to offer them to our customers by purchasing the various services offered by service providers. We remain committed to providing these services to the end user by customizing them to meet customer requirements and by enriching the content of the service.

To mention these basic services;
Providing hosting services to users by renting servers,
To provide domain name service by acquiring domain name dealership,
Web design, software development provide services
SSL security certificate etc. providing services
It is possible to offer only one of these services, and it is possible to offer more than one at the same time.

The most preferred branches of Service mentioned above by renting a server hosting (web space ) service to the users is to provide. However, many users do not provide this service to their customers by renting a server without a certain knowledge and experience due to lack of sufficient technical knowledge and equipment.

In addition to providing hosting services by renting servers, users can also purchase and offer reseller hosting services from large-scale hosting service providers. Most of the time it is possible to cross-sell to users by offering domain name, web design, SSL certificate service in addition to hosting service.

Posted : February 16, 2020 9:42 pm