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Is your site technically ok ?
Yes nothing to do with Adsense, but we don't forget the base of the base : the ads are displayed on your site so it is essential that it is healthy to optimize this.
On the day you want to check-up, browse your site with your favorite spider to see if there are any problems. In fact, 404 pages will generate a loss of revenue on your site since no advertising will be displayed and no one will be able to click on it.
You can also go analyze the responsive of your site. Look at the share of traffic that comes from mobiles / tablets on your sites, and you will understand why it is important that everything is OK technically.
Part de traffic Analytics
You have understood the logic, the more technically clean your site will be, the more likely it will generate revenue.
Of course, the more technically clean it will be, the more likely it will be to perform in SEO, so to have visits and income.…

Focus on Google Adsense
Adsense allows us to make some improvements at the campaign level…

Analysis of the blocks of ads
It is possible to change the style of your ads, I advise you to master your statistics to make "Tests" (visible in the left menu " Adsense for content pages => Testing).
These tests can be carried out at two axes :

Test Adsense
Authorisations / blockages
For ads you have the ability to interact with the style of the ad. So you will choose a variant of style and Google will do A/B testing automatically on your ads, either you let Google choose the traffic optimization percentage, or you can control it by hand... I always let Google do the best at this level.
For authorizations / blockages, it is about the same thing, you have the possibility to open or close certain categories in order to test their impact on your income. On this subject I have many more doubts, at first I had not touched this part, then I decided to close the categories that did not generate clicks, therefore income. Then, one day, Adsense offered me an improvement that was " to open your sites to certain sensitive categories...", so I reopened and I await the results....
You will get your report :
Adsense Test
In this case, the variant was not chosen because the CPM was lower (-28% at the level of the results), so we leave the original parameters and we will test something else…

Customised criteria
Very important for a good control of your ad blocks, the creation of custom criteria allows a good identification of your ad blocks. Indeed, if on your homepage you have two blocks, one at the top and centered above your content, and exactly the same one at the bottom and centered, it is important to set up two custom criteria in order to distinguish them in the statistics and to correctly view which one generated the most Adsense revenues.
These customized criteria also provide information to advertisers as you have the ability to add a description to your criteria.

Ad block adaptable or not ?
For a long time, I had a formula that worked well :

A top block of content of 300 x 250
A sidebar block of 336 x 280
One end block of content of 300 x 250
But it was not great in responsive, and given the traffic shares I turned to the adaptable ad blocks (text and graphics) that allowed to homogenize the site and to be consistent with mobile and tablet versions. However, if your audience is mostly on a computer, then this type of combination works well.

The design of your ads
As mentioned above when we discussed the issue of personalized criteria, it is important that the design of your ads be in accordance with your site... easy to say. Test constantly until you find the right design, the one that will generate the most ! Honestly, there are no pre-defined rules, try a design that fits perfectly with your site (that's what works best...), try a design that totally disagrees, try a design that is more fun / visible.

Location of your ads
When you are in the "Performance Reports" tab, you can sort your ads by custom criteria, so you will visualize which ad(s) Generate you the most.

Observation:the ad that generates the most revenue for me is the one on my home page just above the pagination.
Solutions: I move my ad closer to the pagination, leave a week and analyze the statistics.
You also have in your reports the possibility to analyze the "Active View visible" in order to know the percentage of your ads that have been viewed by internet users. If you have too low a percentage it is that the location of your ads is not good.

Finding: I have a weak Active view.
Solutions: I analyze with Google Analytics my pages at the level of the scrolls of the internet users, I go up my pubs, I attract the internet users to my sites…

Posted : February 2, 2020 7:25 pm