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Date 2020 Google-AdWords updates, news and functions  

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This clickable ads Google Ads Google's advertisers bidding on certain keywords appears in search results, which through a promotional system. Advertisers pay for clicks you have to. This is the way Google makes money on every search.

Let me make a brief comment'after 2018, the basic information provided in this article is focused on Google AdWords for updates. The popularity of AdWords, Google noticed that the big players are required to change in a new way. Here, presented in the year 2018, the most recent Google AdWords news, features and updates you can find.

# 1: &#39 update;AdWords Planner&#39 Reach; tool was introduced by Google for YouTube

A new tool in Google 'Research Planner&#39 known as YouTube and other video advertising platform with ads by has been. This tool is specific conversion rate of the campaign a video on different Google rich, it helps to predict supported media platforms such as YouTube. Application support several campaigns to connect with the audience in an appropriate manner and video campaigns that will reach future planning estimates. Goals also help you to choose correctly and your marketing budget. 'AdWords Planner&#39 Reach; beta versions available, but is expected to close the account fully operational.

# 2 update: Google AdWords landing page Report offered Extended Advanced

Chase started experiencing 2018 advertisers interface with new updates. Extended with the view of reporting the exact measurements for the landing page URL last update was introduced. With the help of landing pages, conversions from AdWords traffic can be seen. Therefore, it is important to review the performance report for each URL landing pages. The feature had existed before, but now in the same report, the landing page URL you can get enlargement.

The opening page of the website traffic comes from helps to find the way. Current AMP clickthrough rate, cost, clicks, such as various Measurements data” and “mobile-friendly click-through rate” like “conversion rate information is available in the report.

Update # 3: Google AdWords Promotion extension introduced

Promotion extension TAB#39;Advertising & amp; extensions' under &added Google AdWords is one of the most recent updates. Tag icon appears with text ads advertising that helps you to stand on this engine. These e-commerce sites can be useful for. That'to showcase a special promotional sales that are offered by the site is used. There are some benefits such as the following:

  • Twice promoted promotional advertising message may present with extension.
  • Using the extension you can use the limited promotional character that are useful.
  • Increases the CTR of the ads.

Google AdWords Returns indefinitely # 4: update and Optimize ad rotation Setting

Advertisers now try to rotate ads by Google you will be able to optimize and achieve success uncertain, and a recent statement. There are four options that are used by AdWords advertisers highlighted below:

  • Optimize for conversions
  • Optimize for clicks
  • Recycled indefinitely
  • Rotate evenly

Update 5#: Google Shopping Brought changes to the product lists

A new variation, with Google product listings in “Shop” under the category came. In addition, the product began to show with details on prices and shipping options.

Update 6#: facility for interaction provided by the Google AdWords bid adjustment

Recently, the interactions that facilitates an update called Google, came up with bid adjustments. Search for extensions in mobile search ads, bid adjustments they made. Each sitelink extensions when it comes to mobile search advertising in ads it is seen that the appearance can be designed. Google mobile ads with Call Extensions and allows you the best opportunity to be visible. This extension of the campaign or Dec—Dec-applies to facility only.

Google allows you to set a budget to promote the trademark to advertisers advertisements by posting the ad networks. Therefore, the latest Google, Google news, features and updates can be useful for an effective promotion.

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