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Google Adsense browser access problem and solution  

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Google Adsense browser access problem and solution
Google, Adsense after the 2nd approval process, did not gain browser access to the incoming mail post from Adsense for the ad code you added to your blog or site, what is the messaging solution? If you have completed the Google Adsense approval process for your site, you will be told that you need to add Ad Code to your site as a result of the mail from Adsense.

If you've been paying attention as a result of Adsense Phase 1 Approval, you're told to add the ad code to your site, “added to the bottom of the Blog entries” that states that your Adsense gadget has been opened to the application.

In the second phase, why put the ad code on the site? According to the agreement between Adsense and advertisers, your site is under review. In this circuit, content appeals to which readership and how often it creates demand is investigated. If your content appeals to a certain high quality audience and creates demand, you will be notified of your ad approval by e-mail from AdSense again in about a fortnight.

Ads will be displayed within a few hours of this notification. There is a very important issue to follow at this stage. Google Adsense content search and evaluation spiders work separately from Google search boots.

Therefore, Adsense may not be able to reach your tracking ads due to browser issues. Ad tracking browser problem on your site, AdSense's notification e-mail may come to you late. (Approximately 2 weeks)to avoid such a situation and minimize the risks, follow the steps below.

Authorization For Adsense Browser Access :
1st. Enter the Blogger dashboard, click the earnings tab, and open your Adsense account.

2nd ed. In the pop-up window, open the settings by clicking on the threaded icon at the top right or on the left tab.


3. Click the access and authorization → browser Access tab. You will be greeted with a yellow window. Here, click Add login info.

You will see the following information in the window.

Restricted directory or restricted URL: type your Blogger or web site URL. Example : “  " > add without Slash, at the end of the link

Entry URL : “  / " > end of link, adding Slash ( / )

Input method: click the pop-up arrow icon and select Get name.

Parameters: since you are logged in with your Google account, type your Gmail information on the left side and your password on the right side. Remove the other window Seen at the bottom with the remove tab. If you log in to different blogs and your account is the same, you can continue with the sub-Windows. Verify your website with the message instructions about the accuracy of your site and you can continue with the name continue.

4. Test your process by clicking the test Login tab.if your action is correct, you should see your blog in the pop-up window.

5. If you're seeing your blog, close the window and click the add login tab.


6. If you input all the information and you can't see the preview in the window. Click the Save Settings tab. Your action will be displayed in the Adsense window. But on the right you will see the expression not scanned.

7th ed. In such a case, Click Fix Under the name cannot be scanned. You will see a post like " you need to verify your site with web administrator tools. If you have not done so, please verify your site."Click on the blue text to verify the Site and log in to the web administrator tools.

8. You will see the verification options. Select the Html tag option because you have already verified it, and then click Verify.

Posted : February 16, 2020 9:38 pm