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Google AdSense launches Matched Content, a content recommendation system  

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Matched Content is a system that analyzes the contents of pages on your site in order to be able to recommend similar pages to others. If you add a Matched Content block under one of your articles, the system will display links to other related articles, in the classic title + thumbnail + summary :

Google AdSense Matched Content


If this system is free, Why Does Google offer it to its AdSense affiliates ?

Probably because it generally increases the number of pages viewed per visitor, the duration of the visit (and probably also the loyalty of the user) and thus ultimately increases the number of advertising impressions and advertising revenues.

Google selects similar articles according to the theme of the pages (it is automatic) but also customizes them according to internet users (we do not know how precise).

If your site is eligible for this feature, you can add blocks to any page you want, provided they display AdSense ads.

Warning, this system does not manage subdomains ! This means that all subdomains are considered to be part of the same site. If you put a block of corresponding content on the subdomain " blog ", Google may display links to pages from other subdomains such as " www ".

These blocks are mobile, tablets and computers compatible, but will not help you in terms of natural SEO (because this content added by Javascript is not seen by Googlebot). If you can, use a traditional CMS - based system that generates HTML links that Googlebot will see.

This new feature could make competition to Taboola and Ligatus, widely used on the major editorial sites…

How do I qualify for the Matched Content feature ?
In short, you must have a large site with a high traffic (large number of unique view pages).

You can find out if your site meets Google's requirements, log in to your AdSense account then :

click on the gear wheel at the top right
in the sidebar menus, click on site management
in the tab "you own" listing your sites, check if you see a " corresponding content "column.
if you do not have this column, it means that your site is not eligible, or that the system is not yet available for your country (I am in the process of inquiring about it).)
if you have a column, it clearly indicates whether or not your site is approved.
Where to place blocks of similar content ?
Of course, they work well especially on content-rich pages. Don't forget to include an image in each page (it must be unique for efficiency) and carefully fill in your meta tags (and open graph, as explained here).

It is natural to place this block of "corresponding content" AdSense under each of your articles, as indicated in this illustration. :


Emplacement Matched Content



Posted : February 2, 2020 7:22 pm