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Will Google AdSense monetization still be profitable in 2020 ?  

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Google Adsense has been, for many years, the best ally of Professional Bloggers enabling them to generate quite substantial passive revenues. However, the monetization techniques of blogs and YouTube channels have diversified over time, offering more and more flexibility to publishers. It's totally natural to worry about the future of Google Adsense monetization. Would it still be profitable ?

Before asking the question of the profitability of Google Adsense, it is wise to go back over some notions and ask yourself the right questions on blogging. What is it ?what is it? Is it really profitable ? What are the best practices for success in this area ? What is the role of Google Adsense in all this ? This is what the blogging in a few words ?

Blogging is an Anglicism that refers to the professional activity of keeping and running a blog as an activity that generates money on the Internet. The term blog is the result of the transformation of the term "web log", which meant a personal website on which one published his stories and his day. Blogging enthusiasts today are considered self-employed or self-entrepreneurs who work from their homes. This activity can be a source of additional income to make ends meet. However, other more serious bloggers have turned this activity into their main source of income. Yes, blogging can make you rich, but you have to get serious about it !

Blog monetization: blog monetization is an important source of passive income. Different methods have been developed over the years to allow bloggers to maximize their profits. To quote briefly, here are a few :

The sale of physical products: we all met a blog like "homemade product" or "handmade" that fits perfectly into this category of monetization.

The sale of digital products: very famous in the USA and adopted by many great WebMarketers. Digital products can be books (ebooks), online training, online consulting or coaching. The blogger, who has gained some experience in his field, is starting to offer this type of products to his audience. This method is very remunerative, but remains reserved for experienced people who have a certain know-how to share.

Selling services: if the sale of digital products takes place entirely online, the service delivery is also a way of monetizing the blog. The blogger offers his audience to provide him with services in his field. This is usually the case with consultants and coaches.

Affiliation: a Concept proposed by e-commerce giant Amazon, affiliation is a commercial practice that consists in offering the products of a brand to receive a commission on each sale generated. Tool preferred by most bloggers because it is easy to implement and generates high revenues.

Sponsored publications: established as part of content marketing, these partnerships allow a website to offer brands to publish their content on its interface. This practice is at the heart of webmarketing strategies and allows bloggers to earn money on every sponsored publication placed on their site.

Google Adsense: this advertising agency created by Google is one of the oldest forms of monetization of websites. It allows the blogger to rent an ad space to Google that publishes ads of its Adwords clients (newly called Google Ads) to broadcast their advertising on the Internet.

How to monetize a blog with Google Adsense ?
Adsense is a program offered by Google that allows webmasters to display ads managed by this web giant and to take advantage of them. It is simple to configure, compared to other monetization methods. Simply register with the Adsense program and submit your site to be evaluated before acceptance. The revenues generated by AdSense blogs are calculated at CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions). However, the biggest disadvantage of this blog monetization program is that in order to have significant revenues, the website must attract substantial traffic in a profitable theme.

How to improve Adsense revenue from a blog?
Choosing a profitable niche: a profitable niche is characterized by a high volume of research and low competition. Find such a niche may seem like an impossible mission, but we must study the market before launching.

Choosing key words for good CPC: a good CPC is not very competitive and ensures a certain profit. Many tools allow you to analyze keywords and choose them according to the CPC, volume of search, competitiveness, etc.

Target a good placement of advertising banners: this allows to avoid sanctions from Google (abusive number, above the flotation line, etc.) on the one hand and to make the website more profitable. You need to explore the hotspots of a web site, that is, the locations people click on.

Adapt the design of banner ads to the style of the site : the user experience must always be preferred so as not to lose audience. Adsense offers the possibility to customize visual ads to fit the design of the site. You should take advantage of.

Giving priority to organic traffic to expand the audience of the site: organic traffic is most often qualified. That is, internet users who land on a website via search engines will be more likely to click on the ads that appear on it, as they are targeted.

Blocking advertisers that are not compatible with the audience: although the Adsense program offers ads that are relevant to the content of the site, some advertisers may broadcast ads that may interfere with the audience of the site or offer products from competitors.

Is Adsense still profitable ?

The short answer is yes, Adsense can still be profitable as a way to monetize blogs. However, to take advantage of this, more work needs to be done to optimize the ads and content on the site. A great work of natural SEO must be put in place to see the results of Adsense improve.

Posted : February 2, 2020 7:19 pm