Jeff Bezos Won 13.5...

Jeff Bezos Won 13.5 Billion Dollars In Just 15 Minutes  

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Jeff Bezos is one of the world's richest people who, 2019% itself very well in terms of Spend, It looks like it will cover the deficit for that year. Bezos,
Thursday in just 15 minutes on the day of, the fund added more than $ 13.5 billion.

We who are the richest people in the world who is the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos surely many people if asked will tell. According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos
is now at the position of the richest people in the world, who have not been very successful at Fortune added in 2019 it has become one of the rare billionaires.

Bezos created last year that looks like it's closing the gap by 2020. According to the report from Bloomberg, Bezos, Thursday in just 15 minutes on the
day of 13.5 billion dollars (80 billion), I was able to add to his fortune.

It's amassing fortune:

Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO, Amazon stock was the increase in wealth that increases day at a time thing Thursday. 12 %the winner the value of Amazon shares, 2.100 dollars
(12,5 thousand TL) has been reached.

This increase in Amazon's stock, Jeff Bezos 129 billion dollars of net wealth (771 billion pounds) took off and consolidated its position at the top in
terms of net wealth of Bill Gates. Owners of Amazon's and Microsoft's last year in the list of the world's richest people, were seated in the seat of leadership
in a commutative manner.


According To Facebook, WhatsApp Bezos Guilty To The Hacking Of Jeff's Phone, Not Apple

Investing a little about who alistirmay Bezos rocket company, Blue Origin, and the Washington Post, is the owner. Of course, these two companies also continues
to add fortune Bezos. Jeff Bezos, is also the title of the richest man in modern history, he gained most of July in 2018. The CEO of Amazon, $ 150 billion
(£897 billion) Net Worth has been reached.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:59 pm