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Saudi Crown Prince, Amazon CEO Phone 'Hackett'  

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The British newspaper The Guardian, 5 months ago for the murder of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Selman Spoonbill Cemal, Cemal's phone was hacked and
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos kasikci who owns The Washington Post claimed that works.

The Guardian newspaper, has prepared a special report about the murder of oner spoonbill important news. According to a special report published in the
Guardian, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Selman phone with video content that is sent from the Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos a message
with Whatsapp's phone was hacked. The Guardian, the result of that attack on Jeff's phone, it was claimed that a large amount of data is accessible to

In a special report of the British newspaper, was based on experts investigating the incident. Experts investigating the issue in the news by showing the
Source, 1 in May 2018 Mohammed bin Selman sent from the phone, probably posts which contains malicious code, thanks to Jeff's phone in a matter of hours
Bezos large amounts of data that have been reported.

A simple 'infected' message from Jeff's phone hacking have Bezos

Jeff Bezos

In a special report published in the Guardian, Jeff's cell phone data interception Bezos 5 months after the murder of Oner Spoonbill, 9 months later, in
the United States, which continue to be published in the newspaper National Enquirer of news about the private lives of Bezos was recorded when Jeff began
to be built.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, owner of the newspaper and the National Enquirer, David Pecker is a close relationship between data from
one phone to another interesting point about the use of the Guardian's Bezos as found in the story.

Jeff Bezos Mohammed bin Salman


Two Former Twitter Employee, Accused Of Spying For Saudi Arabia

The Washington Post owner Jeff oner works kasikci Bezos the data obtained from the phone thanks to Mohammed bin Selman found in the criticism of the Guardian's
article itself, what it wants to cut in front of.

Independent researchers and Forbes, Saudi Arabia company through NSO Group called Israeli human rights workers, journalists, and activists have detected
a hacking tool for you to follow. Jeff's phone hacking it is not clear whether this tool was used to Bezos. NSO Israeli company to exploit the vulnerability
to inject code in the month of this past October about WhatsApp charges in the case was filed.

The news about the Guardian's phone hacking Bezos Jeff, Saudi Arabia has been refuted by sources. The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, the allegations
as “absurd” was evaluated.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:59 pm