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PHP and ASP.NET what's the difference? Which One Has The Advantage?  

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What is PHP?
PHP is a web-based programming language that allows the creation of server-based, open source, dynamic web sites, and can be embedded in HTML code.

What are the uses and advantages of PHP?
With PHP, self-managed dynamic websites can be encoded. Blog sites, online gaming sites and search engines can be developed with PHP. WordPress, Joomla! World-famous projects such as Facebook and Twitter are also Systems written in PHP.


PHP, which is completely free software, offers many advantages to users.

Usage area is wide, it works smoothly on all servers.
It works efficiently in environments where the Linux operating system is used.
As an open source software language, it is constantly developed.
For those with a basic level of software knowledge, their learning is easier compared to other coding languages.
It runs independently on the Script platform without interfering with other codes.
Windows, Unix, Mac OS, etc. available on any platform.
Even with word processing programs such as Notepad, a PHP website can be built.
Scripts written in server-side PHP can be executed easily by placing them between HTML codes.
With the support of many databases such as MySQL, it is possible to prepare, edit web site pages and provide fast connectivity.


ASP.NET what are they?
ASP.NET Active Server Pages (active Server Pages) is a Microsoft-developed coding language that enables the creation of dynamic web pages, web applications, and XML-based web services.

ASP.NET, works by using Microsoft's application development platform, the .NET Framework library, and the internet Information Server (IIS: Internet Information Services).

ASP.NET What Are The Uses and advantages?
ASP.NET drag-and-drop method between HTML codes in the ready Controls (button, textbox, etc.).) can be easily added. ASP.NET with e-commerce sites and applications can be developed. It is used in the field of Web design and programming. It can also be used in content management systems and blogs. Thanks to Microsoft's software development program called Visual Studio, ASP.NET with site edits can be made in seconds, errors can be corrected and projects can be coded very quickly.

Using the MSSQL database ASP.NET, gives its users many advantages.

Powerful web applications can be developed through the server.
Early binding has advanced performance improvements such as just-in-time-compilation, native optimization, and caching services.
With features such as drag-and-drop-style server controls and automatic deployment, Visual Studio provides a wealth of tools for programmers.
When encoding in different languages, it enables them to work together with the mixed programming feature.
ASP.NET the codes are safe because they are not displayed by browsers.
With free tool kits, expert technologies can be added to the project without writing code.
With Visual Studio alerting you to code or logic errors, ASP.NET projects written with can be intervened instantly.
With performance monitors, projects can be evaluated and arrangements can be made.


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