Where can I get PHP...

Where can I get PHP?  

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php hakkında bilgi ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Where can I get PHP?
You can download php from sites that are members of the PHP network. These " https://www.php.net / available at. You can also get the latest version of the source code using anonymous Git; for more information " https://www.php.net/git.php see address.

Are there any compiled packages?
We distribute compiled executables only for Windows systems. It is not possible to compile PHP with plugins for every Linux/Unix platform. Besides, most Linux distributions nowadays come with compiled PHP packages. Windows executable packages can be downloaded from our " Download page. See your distribution site for compiled Linux packages.

Where can I get the necessary libraries to compile some optional PHP plugins?
Note: the following are not multithreaded libraries and are not recommended for use as a server module in multithreaded environments.

"LDAP (Unix).
"LDAP (Unix/Win) : Mozilla Directory (LDAP) SDK
"free LDAP server.
"Berkeley DB2 (Unix / Win): http://www.sleepycat.com/.
"SNMP * (Unix):.
"GD (Unix/Win).
"mSQL * (Unix).
"PostgreSQL (Unix).
"IMAP * (Win/Unix).
Sa " Sybase-CT* (Linux, libc5) : Available locally.
"FreeType (libttf):.
"ZLib (Unix/Win32).
"expat XML parser (Unix/Win32).
How do I get PHP to work with these libraries?
You must follow the instructions provided with the library. Some of these libraries are automatically detected when Php's 'configure' script is executed (e.g. GD library), while others are specified with the '--with-add-in' to 'configure' script. Give 'configure --help' to get a full list of them.

I got the latest version of Php's source code for my Windows machine from Git; what do I need to compile?
See the PHP Wiki for the latest compilation steps: "step-by-step compilation

Where can I find the scanner capabilities file?
browscap.ini file " http://browscap.org / available at.

What does secure staging do when downloading PHP?
Thread Safety means that the executable can run on a multithreaded HTTP server, such as Apache 2 on Windows. Secure staging works by creating a local copy of each universe, meaning that the data does not interfere with the data of another universe.

Then what should your choice be? If you run PHP as a CGI executable, you don't need secure staging, because each request uses another executable. On multithreaded HTTP servers such as IIS5, IIS6, you should use a looped version of Php.

Posted : February 2, 2020 8:31 pm