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Microsoft Office
Now, one of the sine qua non of every company is Office programs. Office programs used in all aspects of life have greatly increased in importance with the introduction of mobile and tablet compatible form.

The great trio of Microsoft Office software includes many applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The effective availability of these programs provides great convenience in terms of business practicality, data analysis, recording and the fast functioning of jobs. Employers prefer to work with people who have good knowledge of the Office program when hiring in all areas. You have to be an active user because these three programs work for you in every aspect of your business life.

It is a word processing program and textual operations are performed. A wide variety of menus are available in Word. In word briefly;

  • The Word program does many operations automatically. For example, the contents of the written information, index, page numbers, footnote information and so on can be easily prepared.
  • Misspelled information can be corrected, new information can be added or deleted. An area can be selected, the selected area can be deleted, copied and pasted to obtain new copies
  • Drawing, graphics and tables can be created
  • Various fonts and fonts can be used in the article
  • Various page views can be created
  • Words can be corrected, thesaurus can be found, words can be changed collectively
  • Mail merge, envelopes and labels can be printed…

Excel is the most important and most used program among Office programs. In this program you have the opportunity to do a lot of work.

Excel is an application program that allows you to keep all kinds of data (especially numeric data) in tables or lists and make all the calculations and analyses you need for these data. With Excel, you can draw charts about the data, prepare reports, summaries, access to the desired data, sort, query. It is possible to create a spreadsheet, save thousands of rows of data, make all kinds of operations between these data by creating formulas and links, access the desired data instantly and create any kind of chart of the data, easy data entry and update operations in Excel easily

You may know the Excel program, but the excel program is not enough for large companies. The macro needs to know Excel, that is, advanced Excel.

Being an Excel user today is now a must for CVS. But if you have advanced Excel knowledge, you are the wanted man for employers. If knowing Excel means knowing a program, knowing advanced excel means being the CEO of that business. Because Advanced Excel knowingly makes quick analyses and reports them quickly. In this way, you contribute to the development of the company by enabling the company authorities to make quick decisions.

Posted : February 16, 2020 9:39 pm