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How to make money on Pinterest?  

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Pinterest is a social media in Turkey, he couldn't very common unfortunately. At least Facebook, Twitter wasn't as popular. The number of Turkish users
is very few because first of all what is Pinterest? for such, it may be convenient to make a short statement.

Pinterest is a social media network that was exposed in 2010. In fact, you may think of it as Facebook but with a different format it works.


Pinterest is a social platform and dashboard system that works with shared images of all kinds.

Creates dashboards with the names and images you want on Pinterest in that you are interested in you can pin (add) these images contains a link to the
source site at the same time. Clicking on an image in Pinterest, so you can go to the site which is the source of that image. As we can see from this sentence,
Pinterest is good traffic to our websites can be a tool.

Create dashboards on Pinterest by sharing images and engaging in stalker at the same time you do a particular audience will allow you to create a source
of traffic for your personal web site. Pinterest followers directly from your dashboard click on the pin for people who are interested in the visuals on
your website when AdSense ads on your site you will see ads related directly to their field of interest and the click rate will increase.


At the same time as their ad revenue you can use Pinterest traffic to e-commerce you can use them. For example you wish to buy a perfume that you install
hair on Pinterest clicks on the image of when those products will go to directly on your site.

Mine is very old, I opened my Pinterest I have a page named blog colored. Address

Visuals are monthly 940 thousand times my website was displayed. I welcome Pinterest visitor traffic from a large blog site offline.


There is nothing like making money directly from Pinterest. You can increase your traffic just by pulling visitors to your web site. This means more ad

Pinterest is quite easy to use. After you are a member images Pin will be enough. You can see that they do share what other users are watching, such as
you can create dashboards and more efficient.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:56 pm