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Viral videos will be broadcast on YouTube is not an easy task. A great video to become viral because it reaches much further than publishing the secret
determines the way that much more dynamic. On the other hand, he's published every viral video with celebrities, rock stars, or available on YouTube. How
do they do that? The truth is, many times the reason of this video viral video the video is the application of various strategies to increase the visibility
of the management team.

Below 7 is definitely that you should follow to make your video viral is a marketing strategy. These cons, there are no pros to say.

1 - make it short and sweet

With strict followers if you are not a YouTuber or a celebrity to be curious about life you must keep your video Brief. YouTube users watch a video and
they decide according to the duration of the video you will watch. Short and high-quality videos appears more generally shared, and the comments takes.
But it cuts the message you want to export your video, you must be sure to protect key areas of the subject.

2 - Positive Emotions Make You Feel

As Maya Angelou says people will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but they will never remember how you make them feel. Happiness, sadness,
excitement, fear, obsession... all these are emotions that people experience in everyday life, because you can use these emotions to your audience to capture
and bind. Your video to create maximum impact, to establish a bond with the audience and the audience is supposed to make feel something.

When you feel these emotions people naturally share with their friends, they want your video to be shared and therefore becomes closer. This particularly
apply to videos that contain positive emotions. Your audience will see the value in sharing or reflecting your best chance to shoot their videos, instead
of putting yourself and the audience to understand the emotions that will move them.

3 - Choose A Good Title

After the video, the title comes as the second most important part of the content on your page. That you do not select the most appropriate title for your
video to become viral can you be sure? First, make sure your video is searchable. People on the internet do a keyword search on what you're looking for
and add these words to your headline. When using the keywords naturally in the title of words in the title but you must be sure to stop.

In addition, you must keep your title video short. This catchy can do it only on your video, your video title from being cut off by Google. Ideally you
should set your title to 55 according to the character, but it's also important for your title to be descriptive. Your headline, you need to describe clearly
what your video is about. Think of it like you're telling a friend about your video. Ways which could tell most of your videos are short? Title you can
use this technique for your selection.

4 - Create A Team Around Your Video

Who will be your video viral? Create a team from persons or institutions who may benefit from your video. For example, if you're shooting a dance video,
find a sponsor who can give you the clothes you wear. When you upload the video, you can add your sponsor link to your video and dance to your music. Add
them to the comments or even a note of them in your video, you can speak with. They also will share their own accounts which they would benefit from sharing
your video.

5 - Share On Social Media

In order to be viral, I need people to know what you think about your video. Your video to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, like the video and Share on
social networks ask your friends to share their own accounts. Everyone who share in the making of the video tag and send it to them. If you have a blog
or website share it there too.

6 - Plenty Send People Takipcil

YouTuber to the phenomena and followers plenty of people send the link of your video and encourage them to share with the masses. Share your video and
ask them to send them to. If you don't have such a bond, if you do not know personally but still your video you might want to send that may be of interest
to users. By sharing the video with your followers, They, your video will be viewed more.

7 - Buy High Quality Views

Another good way to increase traffic to your video is to buy views. This method works because of human psychology. We think that when something is popular,
that means less risk thing to support and share. When you buy your video monitoring will be popular, and so more people will want to watch and share with
their friends.

But in order to benefit from high-quality monitoring, you must make sure that they purchase. Low quality spam accounts from the monitoring of the retention
rate is low. They come from different countries, and don't have the loyalty of the audience from being deleted by YouTube. On the other hand, high-quality
monitoring real and authentic. Retention rates are high, they come from the same country, has the loyalty of the audience from easily deleted by YouTube
and they won't be.

The above strategies are essential to ensure that your video is viral and populerlestirmek. But remember, the most important criterion in preparing the
video, the video is worth watching. If you create a video that people want to watch, if none of the above strategies will work.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:58 pm