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Now you know the second largest search engine after Google is YouTube. If among your marketing strategies are on YouTube, or your current channel if you
want to grow, maybe you need to change your shell to read data and analytics accordingly.

Videos from your YouTube Analytics do you criticize your customers or the people you want to touch a mineral that is filled with tips you can understand
their habits tracking wouldn't say the least.

Offered by here's the YouTube Analytics, your channel-Long - Term- Success 10 basic measurement.

1 - Review Your Time Tracking

Millions of your video display, of course, a measure of success. To say that there is nothing. But in the eyes of the YouTube topic “video or channel performance”
when it comes to the video than the number displayed is the amount of time watching your videos.

If you are wanting to grow your channel YouTube and it's one of the most important measurements that you can enter in the eyes. Tracking your period increases
in a regular manner, as on YouTube, with you win-win 'relationship in your videos and may I suggest to others that you can think of, in short, “video"
step on it!” can say.

2 - Analyze The Data On Audience Retention – Audience Retention Report

We can say that YouTube is one of the most important data of this report. Your viewers in your video Audience Retention Report is a report that had clearly
revealed that where you are left. By using the information that you need to do, and where you lost your audience's attention, you'll find what's most effective
to quit watching your video. You can do this also helps prevent similar errors in the future.


So carefully analyze your content and display the average of the duration of your video, or maybe improve your visual for your presentation, your viewers
little surprises you need to do is change the format. As I said in the first article, with YouTube win-win ' relationship with your audience if you want
to enhance your YouTube videos to go in and you have to keep your videos.

3 - Real-Time Report, Browse


This is what needs to be known before the description of this item: how to count the number of watching videos on YouTube?

How many times is the number of video views a video of what is called izlendig. YouTube strives to be as thorough as you can on this subject. To make sure
that the videos are being watched by real people age sometimes can burn. For example, in the first few hours after the release of the video, the tracking
is true and accurate for the low quality edit of verifying that the number of YouTube views or have to play in Knows, may be considered. So the first hour
can be reduced by half in the next minute are displayed in millions. This surge –or anything else - after a delay of 2 days maximum, we can say that actually
makes sense.

The goal advertisers, users and content creators across the trust and the positive experience to continue, it's clear that YouTube will transform into
a spam Paradise. So, we also video reporting to our customers when we first we're waiting for confirmation of the data.

At this point, content creators, advertisers, and, if available to YouTube, “Real-Time” Report with your channel or a specific video from the last 48 hours
and the number of times for 60 Minutes in estimated real returns. Although these estimates are not exact figures just visible video of the manufacturer,
to measure the popularity of the video and maybe your video will help you make at least a half supporting the ads accordingly.

In addition, analytical browse to this tab in the control panel, video, social networks or platforms such as a contact when it is shared helps to see an
instant increase in the number of views of your video.

If you notice an increase in your report in real time, trying to determine if it is shared outside of YouTube, where your videos following, you can use
Google search query. (example: br35jnXzRU4

4 - Identify Your Traffic Sources

Access your video as you analyze your audience to determine exactly what it is, where it came from.

YouTube Analytics Traffic Sources Panel on the page, many of US source the sources for a chart that shows the amount of total views each of the videos
is presented.


Both this report and across all channels, which is the most useful source of traffic for every video that you create that allows you to understand. For
example, I mentioned “Youtube with win-win” relationship with his “Suggested Videos (suggested videos)” rates with you can tell.

When examining this data, you better move all you need to do is to think how to increase the incoming traffic. For example, according to the words of attracting
this traffic to your video, you can start by trying to edit your videos current and future.

Which is important for video traffic sources for your strategy, and should be studied with this chart to determine which resources, which is crucial.

5 - You Know Who's Watching

For a better understanding of your audience from YouTube Analytics “Demographics” page.

Age of people who watch your Videos Here, gender, you will see the information in different categories like device that uses.


To examine the age and gender of your audience, helps you in creating your future videos. “Demographics” page, your viewers watching your videos from anywhere
in the world, – age, gender, used with the device - you can see it.

6 - Pay Attention To The Playback Position

Determine where your video appears to your audience will help you understand how your content discovered. Viewers to your videos through your YouTube videos
on other sites that you seek, or do they reach you?

Playback locations on the page where the video is playing, based on the total number of times you can check. Monitoring: your YouTube channel page YouTube
Watch page, embedded video, between mobile devices and will be classified.


By examining the popularity of both YouTube and your video outside of YouTube, you can observe which option is giving you the best service. In light of
this information, you must give more importance to the strategies that you on YouTube, or discovered buried of the videos, websites, and blogs can give
you a more accurate way to question What.

7 - Keep Track Of Your Subscriber Numbers

An e-commerce content YouTube users who are subscribed to your potential or current customers who may be interested in your products or content.

So watching the fluctuations of your subscriber base is also important. This particular video from your YouTube channel your channel is affected more by
the totality of how positive or negative for each video helps to understand how to made a contribution.


Once you have a subscriber more –your subscribers “subscriber notifications” convince them to open your video on YouTube potentially more people will watch
through the Subscriptions section on the main page so that you, your products and your brand will be shown to the viewer more.

8 - check the number of comments and Likes

Comments is the first place we came face to face with your audience. The people who made these people to consider what they are saying and the comments
of the video, the interaction increases. If you have a commercial purpose, also may help in the process of converting your audience into customers.

Make sure your content in front of you, the product –wrong or right - you will find a community that can tell more easily. Valuing the ideas of these people,
for your safety channel to interact with them is beneficial. Now there's a crowd watching, just not contributing. This is to get the wind behind you, interact
with them, get feedback and even to ask you to your content can provide serious opportunities.

The numbers of likes and comments your video as a dislike of the sort of Return are also of the audience. Enjoy and people who don't like the page by clicking
on the time you can analyze responses within viewers.

It won't be like millions across Never 0 dislike, that's clear. So, important to note that to minimize the number of dislike, though those who associated
with the number of likes you receive you should not do is to analyze.

Posted : February 9, 2020 3:58 pm