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YouTube Homepage Changed: Here Are The Full Details  

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YouTube Homepage Changed: Here Are The Full Details ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing site owned by Google, has changed its home look for its website and tablet app. With the new look, the subject and video categories on the Home Page were removed, while the video visuals and channel logos grew larger. So let's see what's behind this design change.
YouTube has now become a platform we use more, especially from mobile devices. But we still want to watch video from time to time from larger screens such as computers or tablets and TVS. When we first open the site or the application, YouTube's videos are suggested, depending on what we've done before.

If you remember, YouTube used to collect video suggestions under a title in its traditional design and present content that it categorized downwards by subject headings. It would even feature videos of channels producing content similar to the ones we follow. This is the end of that era for the website. There are many innovations in YouTube's changing home page design.

Video covers, channel names have been brought to the fore. In addition, the channel logos are attached to their names. The recommended videos change every time you refresh the homepage as before. Even if you don't subscribe to this section, you can see channels that you've watched videos of before.

Just below the Suggestions section comes YouTube Originals content. There are films, serials, documentaries produced with the support of YouTube. While some of the videos can be viewed with ads for free, some are only available to paid YouTube Premium subscribers. Then another 5-Video Video suggestion line greets you.

We can summarize the changes made as follows::
Topic, theme, suggestion lists associated with Channel removed,
The channel logo was added to the bottom of the video visuals,
The list of suggestions became a single category,
Trends highlighted in home stream,
Featured status updates of subscribed channels,

Posted : February 2, 2020 8:21 pm